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Latest EPC News

  • January 2012
    Before you can claim the high level Feed In Tariff (FIT) you need to be able to have an EPC at level 'D' or better. Why not let AccuRating Ltd perform the validation EPC(s) with a discounted rate for the second visit (see the 'Solar Panel EPC' tab above).
  • October 2011
    AccuRating Ltd are now qualified to survey and quote for the installation of Solar Panels. All quotes will be performed for free.
  • 1 July 2010
    New auditing rules have been implemented by the Government. AccuRating Ltd is please that its own procedures comply 100% with the new rules.
  • 21 May 2010
    From today HIPs will no longer be an essential part of the selling process, leaving the EPC as the only element that is still required.
  • November 2008
    AccuRating prices reduced due to housing market slump - service however unaffected and still as reliable.
  • October 2008
    AccuRating provide Rental EPCs.
  • EPCs are now required for the majority of Rented Accommodation.
  • 14 December 2007
    EPCs now required for the marketed sales of all existing dwellings.
  • 10 September 2007
    EPCs required for sales of existing dwellings with 3 or more bedrooms.
  • 1 August 2007
    EPCs required for the sales of existing dwellings with 4 or more bedrooms.

Solar Panels

First check your Energy Performance Rating is 'D' or above

Solar Panels - You will need an Energy Performance Certificate before you can generate full FIT income from the sun

By having Solar Panels installed you will save money in three ways:

  • the feed in tariff (FIT),
  • using the electricity you have generated instead of using electricity from the grid and
  • by feeding your own unused electricity into the country's grid.
  • However, before you can receive the full Feed In Tariff, you will need to have an EPC with a rating of 'D' or better.

    All domestic properties being fitted with solar PV panels are now required to have an EPC rating of at least a 'D' grade if they are to qualify and be eligible for the higher rate Feed in Tariff (FIT). Without the EPC at level 'D' or better (ie A-D) the property will only qualify for the lower FIT.

    AccuRating Ltd EPC surveys can take place before and after the installation or simply after if you are sure that the property will reach a rating level of at least 'D'. As the rating will be better with the panels in place, you may consider waiting until after installation and then perform the EPC, however before you place an order with your chosen Solar Panel company you are advised to make sure that the property will be capable of achieving the all important 'D' grade - hence the recommendation to seek a draft EPC pre-installation.

    The purpose of the pre-installation EPC is to determine if the property will achieve a 'D' rating and if not what recommendations are provided that will assist the Solar Panels to achieve the minimal rating of 'D'.

    What is an EPC?

    An EPC certificate provides information on your home’s energy use and typical energy costs as well as a recommendation report with suggestions on the most efficient way to reduce your energy consumption and save money.

    The requirement applies to all domestic/residential buildings, unless they do not “use energy to control the internal environment”. This means that any building that is heated or cooled will need an EPC. If you are thinking of installing a ground mounted system, the building that will be using the energy it produces will need an EPC level 'D' certificate.

    How do I get an EPC?

    If you bought your house after the end of 2007 you may already have received a valid EPC certificate upon completion of the purchase of your property. If your property is rated below level 'D' or you do not have an EPC, then contact us for a friendly chat (01422 648400). If you request, we will perform your property's pre-installation EPC assessment, the outcome of which will enable us to make an initial assessment to gauge whether it is likely to meet level ‘D’ standards.

    Should the initial assessment at survey stage indicate that the property would fall below the required level of 'D' or better, then we will provide you with the draft EPC which contains recommendations for improving the energy rating, with the aim of getting it to a rating of 'D' or higher.

    The EPC certificate will then need to be sent off with your FIT application forms to your energy supplier along with your MCS certificate and proof of ownership (usually a receipt of payment). If your property does not meet the level 'D' EPC requirement, you will unfortunately only receive the lower Feed In Tariff rate.

    How much will all this cost?

    We charge 70 (no VAT) to undertake the initial survey - which results in producing the draft EPC and indicative details. For the subsequent visit, after the Solar Panel installation, we charge 30 (no VAT) and this results in the production of the final EPC - showing the benefits of installation of the Solar Panels and any other improvements installed. This EPC is the document that shows your energy provider that you meet/exceed (level 'D') or fail (levels 'E' to 'G') to meet the requirements for the higher Feed In Tariff (hopefully meet or exceed).


    If you are in doubt about any of the requirements, please give AccuRating a call - we will be pleased to help and rest assured you will not be pushed into making any decisions. Our purpose is to help you. Even if you have lost your EPC, we can explain how you can obtain a copy of your EPC for free. Call us now on 01422 648400