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  • January 2012
    Before you can claim the high level Feed In Tariff (FIT) you need to be able to have an EPC at level 'D' or better. Why not let AccuRating Ltd perform the validation EPC(s) with a discounted rate for the second visit (see the 'Solar Panel EPC' tab above).
  • October 2011
    AccuRating Ltd are now qualified to survey and quote for the installation of Solar Panels. All quotes will be performed for free.
  • 1 July 2010
    New auditing rules have been implemented by the Government. AccuRating Ltd is please that its own procedures comply 100% with the new rules.
  • 21 May 2010
    From today HIPs will no longer be an essential part of the selling process, leaving the EPC as the only element that is still required.
  • November 2008
    AccuRating prices reduced due to housing market slump - service however unaffected and still as reliable.
  • October 2008
    AccuRating provide Rental EPCs.
  • EPCs are now required for the majority of Rented Accommodation.
  • 14 December 2007
    EPCs now required for the marketed sales of all existing dwellings.
  • 10 September 2007
    EPCs required for sales of existing dwellings with 3 or more bedrooms.
  • 1 August 2007
    EPCs required for the sales of existing dwellings with 4 or more bedrooms.

Welcome to Accurating Ltd - EPCs - Energy Performance Certificates

- whether selling or renting property or
- considering Solar Panel installation

Use AccuRating for your domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Wanting to sell your house and looking for a reliable Estate Agent?

Having served the community for many years providing accurate EPCs, drawing floorplans, dealing with Estate Agents and Solicitors - and having trained in a reputable family estate agency, it seemed sensible to take the next step.  Jonathan and his son, Sam, have now opened an Estate Agents in Hipperholme - covering the whole of the eastern side of Calderdale and parts of Kirklees and Bradford. Our rates are excellent and compare more than favourably with other agents in the area. Why not give us a call (01422 648400) or visit our premises at:

Marsh and Marsh Properties
Brooke House
Brooke Green

(we are near the bottom of Kirk Lane with plenty of parking and a pot of coffee generally on the go)

Marsh and Marsh Properties

Not sure what EPC you need? Please give us a call

If you are not sure what you need then why not give us a call, or send us an email, we are a friendly company and certainly not pushy. We will explain the process and keep things simple. We will also respect your requirements and on completing the EPC assessment you will not notice that we have been to your property (we are clean & always careful).

If you are considering Solar (Photovoltaic) Panels - please see the side tab marked Solar Panel EPCs for details about how EPCs are required to help certify that the owner can obtain the full Feed In Tariff (FIT).

At AccuRating we will not be the most expensive in the market, nor will we be the very cheapest, however, you can trust that you will receive value for money along with the best service we believe is available. We are a small independent and local company providing a good reliable service. Please give us a ring (01422 648 400) or send an email.

Please don't be fooled by some companies that offer cheap EPCs where they cut corners and don't perform an accurate survey.  We have now visited many houses where the owners are having their second EPC and they are surprised at the length of time the survey takes to perform when gathering the essential information. On average, an EPC survey takes in excess of one hour.


What does AccuRating Ltd do?

AccuRating Ltd produce EPCs for homes when they are being sold, rented or having Solar Panels fitted.

Homes can no longer be sold nor rented without a current EPC. AccuRating Ltd provide the relevant EPC information to assist in the house sale/rental process. We provide a fast and efficient service with a focus on satisfying Customer needs.

Your EPC will generally be prepared and emailed or posted the same day as the survey is performed.

AccuRating Ltd provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) using Stroma’s RDSAP software. All our work is carried out by professional, fully qualified Energy Assessors.

All AccuRating Ltd Assessors are accredited to the government licensed establishment – Stroma.


If you are worried about your home's energy efficiency and are staying in the same house (no EPC needed):

Step One - Review your local council's website which may help you to understand the improvements you may be able to make to improve efficiency - see our Links page.

Step Two - If you would like AccuRating to visit your home, we can use the experience we have gained over the years to identify the energy improvements you could make that would help you save money on your gas and electricity bills. If you would like a visit - we make a small fee of £35 to cover our costs , give us a call on 01422 648 400 or ...

Step Three - If, within 6 months of our visit, you then opt for a full EPC, where you will receive a certificate that will last 10 years, which includes documented recommendations for improved energy efficiency, then simply give us another call - we'll discount our normal fee by 20%. If we have not previously been to your property and you would like an EPC, then simply look at our Prices tab above then give us a call.

Still confused? - Give us a call, you can discuss your needs, ask your questions and then you can decide what you want to do - 01422 648 400.


Why would Estate Agents want to use AccuRating Ltd?

AccuRating Ltd is a local company of friendly Energy Assessors serving your area.

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Why would a Solicitors Practice want to use AccuRating Ltd?

We are professional, trustworthy and reliable - we will aim to complement your own services. Our reputation has been built on our past work - a reputation of which we are proud.

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